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About UAE

Upscale Audio Exchange opened in July, 1992 in Hollywood, Florida, selling a unique blend of new and used audio equipment and recordings. 

New equipment carries the full factory warranty, while our used gear is lovingly serviced and detailed by our staff.  All recordings are inspected, cleaned (lp's via our store Nitty Gritty), and often tested for overall quality.

For our local customers, our used gear comes with our 90-day warranty and trade-back for full credit, except for specially-priced bargains and sale items.   We do this primarily because speakers need to be auditioned in your space, with your gear, your music, and your preferred volume.

Also for our local customers, our open recordings come with a 14-day exchange, except for specially-priced bargains and sale items, so that you can test them out on your own system.   

When customers are looking for affordable gear and hard-to-find recordings they contact us here at Upscale Audio Exchange, now in our 29th year.

Questions?  If you need more info just give us a call at 708-484-2694, and thanks for checking out our site!



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