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25% - 50% Off Sale!


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For this holiday season we are having a sale on ALL RECORDS and selected stereo gear.  The deals are 50% OFF all records and 25% - 50% OFF selected stereo gear.  The sale continues until January 2nd, 2018 and is for our local customers only, i. e. you pick up your selections here.  However, fear not our friends throughout the country, because you can buy any records for 25% OFF with free US shipping (excluding Hawaii and Alaska).  All records sold during this sale will not have our usual 14-day exchange, and while we will try to keep our record listings accurate things are changing daily.  Please note that our equipment listings are rarely accurate, but will give you an idea of the sort of gear we get.  You will have to come into the store to see what's what, however, so we hope to see you soon!


Questions? Please call Jack @ 708-484-2694 and thanks for checking out our site!


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