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all prices per pair unless otherwise noted


Cambridge Audio Proline III's (white pro satellites, we modified them to run with home gear, best with a sub)     used $79

Cerwin-Vega HT-5 Satellites (black, small 5" 2-way, great with a sub)     used $79

Design Acoustics PS-3 (sat/sub system, small oak sats, new woofer surrounds, great sound, one owners)     used $229

HomeTech (white, 5" 2-ways, mounting brackets, technically new but we're selling them as used)     used $89

Infinity RS 10B's (wood vinyl, 5" 2-way small bookshelf, new surrounds)     used $79 

JBL Control One (black mini-monitors, nice)     used $79

JBL P-10's (woodgrain, 4.5" 2-way, lots of sound for a smaller cabinet)     used $79

M & K Satellite-1's w/The Volkswoofer (sub) (walnute sats & sub, great sound, not the prettiest we've ever had but quite impressive to hear)     used $299/set

NHT Super Zeros (piano gloss black, very small 2-ways, nice little speakers)     used $99

Signature SRM 5.1's (black grills w/oak end caps, 6" 2-way, production started in the mid 1990's, this pair is the last demo pair we have left but we are considering them as used)     used $449


SUBS (single subs, not pairs)

Please note:  most powered subs have similar features, such as level, frequency, phase, high & low-level ins, etc.  We only note those that DO NO HAVE these common features.


Infinity BU-1 (black, one of the smallest subs they made but great sound in a smaller box, like new)     used $99

Jamo SW2 (black, passive to be used wJamo sats. which we did not get, no controls)     used $39

Klipsch RW-10d (black, remote controlable digital control, really kicks, suburban one-owner)     used $249

Mirage LF-150 (black, 10" titanium/poly woofer, 150w, truly a fine sub)     used $349

Sapphire PS3B (black, house brand for Tweeter?, great balanced sound)     used $199

Tannoy EF5.1 (black, smaller size, switchable voltage)     used $149


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